Design Stages

Pre-Project Work

Development of a draft design based on the provided initial data, as well as a project for planning and surveying the allocated area.


Detailed development of all sections of the project with the implementation of estimated calculations with the aim of determining financial costs of the construction, work and materials.

Working Documentation

Development of working documentation for the implementation of structural and technical solutions related to the project.

The Building Constructor

Software package for complex analysis and design of building structures

BIM Technologies

Building information modeling for comprehensive project work

Building design - complete range of services

Our company has strong design department, which is able to implement projects of any complexity in accordance with the customer’s wishes. In calculations of structures, we use our own software and software from leading manufacturers; modern methods of BIM technologies are also actively used – all this allows us to provide high-quality, competent design solutions. Our specialists independently develop all sections of design and working documentation, their rich experience and high professionalism have been repeatedly noted by our clients.

Project Department

The design department performs the necessary calculations, creates sketches and drawings

Design and Estimate Department

All project documentation is drawn up in the design and estimate department

Engineering Department

Designers develop detailed options for the rational implementation of communication networks

Design Department

Designers think over the optimal architectural solutions, taking into account the wishes of the customer

Software Developers

Our proprietary software allows to create a full-fledged house project with all drawings and calculations in three days!