KSB Victory Restaurants

Unitary Enterprise “KSB Victory Restaurants” is the representative of the McDonald’s franchise in Belarus, which is known as a fast food pioneer, known all over the world. KSB Victory has 14 restaurants and 5 McCafes in Minsk and one restaurant in Vitebsk. We started working with KSB Victory when they decided to open another McDonald’s in Brest. This is their first restaurant in our city, so it was very interesting to look into the kitchen of a famous brand and observe how their designers fill the interior of our building with content. The most enjoyable part of our work is the joint development of landscape design, which includes the site of the restaurant with summer tables, parking and MacDrive, and a sports ground, a children’s play area, a recreation area for adults, as well as the design and improvement of the park in the place of the independently overgrown trees next to the restaurant.

Joint Projects