A nine-story monolithic frame for a residential building requires 300-500 sheets of drawings. Think about how long you have to sit over a tablet with a ruler and calculator to perform your calculations, and all that in conditions of constantly changing customer’s requirements.

With our software, creating a full-fledged house project with all the required drawings and calculations in three days becomes real!

Its capabilities allow creating drawings faster than they are printed! We design buildings and develop software ourselves. Our design systems inherit the best ideas from existing CAD systems. This software package was developed entirely in ODO NPP “Brest-CAD” taking into account all the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation building codes.

The program is based on a mathematical model of a building structural frame, which displays the composition, geometric position and relationship between all structural elements. Based on the computer model and applied loads, a sequential calculation and design of all supporting structures – floors, lintels, walls, staircases, foundations, etc. – is performed.

The system can be expanded using plug-ins and is quite capable of becoming the basis of a design system in the construction field. It is supplied with an electronic security device in the form of an electronic key and is most effective when used with the network license.

Further, you can briefly familiarize yourself with the work pipeline of the “The Building Constructor” software package.

The Building Constructor Main Modules

Software module for input and formation of the building model (core module)

Software module for a model formation by an architectural plan processing

Программный модуль для автоматизированного сбора нагрузок на конструктивные элементы здания из мелкоштучных материалов

Software module for the design of precast concrete floors

Software module for designing masonry structures

Software module for design of lintels

Software module for the design of strip prefabricated foundations

Software module for pillar foundations design

Software module for pile strip foundations design

Software module for pile cap design

Software module for pile design

Software module for reinforced concrete columns design

Software module for reinforced concrete beams design

Software module for reinforced concrete floor slabs design

Software module for reinforced concrete diaphragms design

We can write a lot about our product, but it will not be as revealing as the feedback from our customers who have been using our software for a long time.

The project was developed by BrestCADprojekt LLC in accordance with the TNLA, current legislation and compliance with the requirements of the Customer. Employees are distinguished by their professional approach to work, good qualifications and competent attitude towards the Customer. During the period of cooperation, BrestCADprojekt LLC has proved as a reliable partner, so we are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation.
A. M. Zorko UE "KSB Victory Restaurants"
BrestCADprojekt LLC carried out design and survey work for the UE "UKS of the Brest City" on the project "Reconstruction of the fountain on Sovetskaya street in Brest". We recommend BrestCADprojekt as an organization capable of performing, within the contractual terms, projects of any complexity with high quality and in accordance with building codes and regulations of the Republic of Belarus.
V.V.Smorschek UE "UKS of the Brest City"
For about three years, BrestCADprojekt LLC has been our partner in the design field. During our cooperation, the organization has shown its ability to approach the assigned tasks with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time. Distinctive features of their work are high professionalism, organization of employees and strong team spirit.
V. V. Stelmashuk "META" LLC

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