Shopping and office center on Kuhlman street in Minsk

The shopping and office complex is located in Minsk at the intersection of Kulman and Krapotkina streets. The project for this site was redesigned several times: its construction had already begun several years ago, but was suspended, so we had to work with one-floor-high frame, requiring a complete adjustment.

It was decided to completely allocate the first floor for retail premises, and occupy the floors from the second to the sixth for high-class offices. Air conditioning and forced ventilation systems are provided for the offices, part of the premises have large panoramic windows, on each floor; in addition to the working rooms, there is a spacious inviting hall with a reception desk and a meal room for employees; the building has two elevators. Each floor of the building can be operated autonomously. A two-level open-type parking lot for the employees’ cars is attached to the main building.

The facades are made of materials with high aesthetic characteristics – wall tiles in white and various shades of gray. A large area of the facades is occupied by continuous stained glass lighting.